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Welcome to VIE ET MORT

Hello and welcome to Vie et Mort! We are Fort Collins fasted growing art gallery, CBD Apothecary and Macbre curiosities shop.

In our growing art gallery we feature local and not-so-local artists, but all of them work out of independent studios. Our art ranges from one of a kind signed sketches and mixed media to unique and beautiful artbooks and even the 3-dimensional works of The Skeletorium. Being focused on the unusual and organic the majority of our works are one of a kind and if they are reproduced, such as artbooks, the nature of them is based on mixed media which includes everything from taxidermy to found objects of all kinds. We are also the only carrier of local artist prints made by Dolan Geiman whose physical works are all made from found objects. If you are looking to add a conversation starter to your home we are the place to find it! Our Fort Collins based gallery you will certainly find the perfect piece to accentuate your personals style and nature.

Our CBD Apothecary includes makers such as Floyd’s of Leadville, Mary’s Nutritionals, Charlotte’s Web, CBD FX, The Brothers Apothecary and Farmhouse Hemp. All of our CBD lines are 3rd party tested and we have the paperwork to prove it! We are also the only carrier of Floyd’s of Leadville in the city of Fort Collins. We have done extensive research to ensure we are providing you with the not only the highest quality products but also organic and local to Colorado! By shopping for your CBD products with us you are not only supporting our own small business but the small business of other local companies!

The Macabre is always fascinating weather you are an avid collector such as myself or the occasional shopper who likes to add a unique specimen to their home every now and again. We are the only place in town that carries a large selection of full animal skulls with or without horns, fully articulated animal skeleton art, handmade jewelry made with formed silver and animal bones, bits and pieces, feathers and the amazingly beautiful works of Bug Under Glass which are museum quality bugs and butterflies in any number of scenarios!

Step outside the norm and into our shop to experience the beauty the unusual has to offer! We look forward to seeing you!

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CBD Products and Organics

To ensure all of our CBD products are completely organic and carrying the amount of CBD the bottle states, we require that the company provide third party testing. This testing is done by the producer of the CBD hemp taking each harvested batch in regulated quantities to an unbiased lab to be tested for the presence or absence of chemicals, THC and CBD. These tests analyze quality, purity and potency. This benefits the consumer as these documents can not be altered and the products made from each batch must display the batch number on it. With this information we can ensure that a bottle of isolate CBD tincture truly has zero THC and that a bottle of Full Spectrum CBD has 0.3% THC or less as Federal regulation dictates. In addition to THC levels these tests verify that the hemp has no pesticides or heavy metals in it. This is extremely important as Hemp will absorb absolutely everything from the soil it is planted in and while it might be ok to make paper products from hemp grown in non-organic soil, it is most definitely not ok to be ingesting these chemicals when the whole point of taking a CBD product is to improve your health! Having these test results allows us to fully stand behind and promote the products we sell and feel confident we are providing the highest quality possible to our customers!

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Macabre and Oddities

In our Macabre and natural oddities part of our shop we offer gifts for the collector of unique and wonderous things. In the circle of life and death it is important to remember that even after life we can and should honor the dead. In keeping and displaying feathers, bones, horns, skulls and taxidermy we are able to do this and there are so many ways this can be done! If this is not for you, I am positive you know someone who fits into this category and would be thrilled to receive a thoughtful gift that shows you see who they are appreciate them! Take it from me, because I am one of those people! Even in death there is beauty! We have a large collection of perfect butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, bats, fish and yes, spiders in resin. We have artwork that includes articulated skeletons of small animals, full skulls with large horns and horns sold on their own apart from the skull as well as a diverse selection of animal bones, teeth and feathers. All of these items were humanely harvested as part of a legal culling process due to areas being overrun, found as roadkill and the bones rescued or are vintage pieces from previous collections that are now begin offered a new home with you! We abide by all Federal and state regulations in regards to the collection and sale of these items and are confident that no animals were harmed to make art or are illegal for you to take home and enjoy for many years to come.

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Art Gallery

Mixed media is an art form that combines 2 or more mediums to create a multidimensional piece of artwork. For example, if the artist were to sketch a drawing and then add pieces if cloth, photographs, buttons, flowers or any number of found objects to enhance it – that is mixed media! This artform allows the artist to express themselves more deeply and to create a 3-dimensional work of art on a canvas! In addition to canvas style multimedia, we also have shadow-box style works of art that incorporate real bugs and butterflies on maps of the world from where they originate, riding tricycles, playing banjos or displayed on pages from horticulture books! Our fascinating collection of articulated skeletons under glass cloches in scenes set just for them are like nothing you have seen before and will definitely add a special piece to the collection of that bone lover in your life! If you are looking for an original piece of art in nearly any form, we have it! We carry prints of large metal works, prints of sketches, art books and many pieces of handmade original art including paper mâché, folkart feather paintings that include real feathers and select vintage piece