I opened this store as a means of self-expression, hoping to give something to my community that did not currently exist here. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA I moved here nearly 13 years ago and firmly consider Fort Collins home. However, my love of the macabre, unusual art and underground culture was not to be found… so I brought it! My store is a clear reflection of my home, the way I live, and the things I find beautiful, enlightening, and healing. I have been a business owner for nearly 20 years now. Before opening this little piece of heaven in September of 2019, I ran a robotics business with my former husband for 17 years. We built that together and learned so incredibly much about each other and business as we went along. It taught me so much about who I am and what I’m capable of and I will always be grateful for every single experience that brought me! This business is a culmination of not only every business I have run, managed or worked for, every class I have ever taken in any capacity, my exposure to and time spent learning Buddhism, my gratitude for my son and Motherhood but also a pure and simple means of expressing myself and connecting to my community in the most genuine fashion. It’s a really amazing experience to encounter and speak with likeminded people and my little store draws those interesting, amazing, and wonderful people out of the crowd and into my shop. There really aren’t words to describe how that feels and I am pleased beyond words to be accepted by this town and its fabulous people!! Thank you so very much for seeing the beauty in Vie et Mort! Every single one of you is welcome here with open arms and hearts! 

I chose the name Vie et Mort from a love of French and Cajun culture. Having spent lots of time in New Orleans with my Mom and Step-Dad who live there full time, I have grown to have a strong love for the feeling that town gives. Of course, also the food and art and people but all of those things lend to the feeling! The name I’ve chosen is in French and means “Life and Death”. It made perfect sense to me as my shop combines restorative life giving natural products, along with smudge sticks and palo santo to taxidermy, skulls, bones, framed bugs, and wearable butterflies! Life and death can not exist one without the other and death is not an eternal end. In death, there is room for rejuvenation, an allowance of space for new things, and the sadness that comes with the death of a person, animal, or experience fades as we begin a new chapter of our lives without them. There can be beauty in death if we allow ourselves to see it and live it. In hanging bone or bug art, skulls, or taxidermy in our homes we can continue to appreciate and respect the animal that once was. In a way, they live on and we are able to appreciate them in a different form!