Bug Under Glass | Taxidermy Art Fort Collins | Vie Et Mort

Bug Under Glass is the creation of the sole designer and fabricator, Kevin Clarke. As a conservation biologist, science educator, and maker, Kevin Clarke’s mission is to protect, explain and flaunt aspects of the natural world in hopes to restore a sense of wonder about the natural world in a sustainable and design-centered way.

Stemming from the artist’s love of insects, design, and conservation, he began creating anthropocentric insect dioramas as a way to make insects more accessible.

While in graduate school, Kevin learned about butterfly farming and how it combines economic development with conservation. Butterfly farming and insect ranching are a way to obtain sustainable specimens (not from the wild) and whose practices have a positive impact on conservation initiatives, especially in rainforest regions. Bug Under Glass started as a hobby utilizing the skills learned to work in natural history museums making unique displays for friends, and these works are now available in the Vie et Mort art gallery!