Casa Brujaja Pendant | Curiosities Store Fort Collins | Vie Et Mort

Casa Brujaja is a collaborative project by Kia Bridges and Sienna Dellepiane. Their jewelry is inspired by a love of nature, their superstitions, and the way those things intersect. Their beautiful adornments are meticulously crafted from recycled glass, silver, bones, fur, leaves, and other found objects from the natural world. They are continually inspired by life in the desert of New Mexico, where they live, and their pieces are designed to reflect that experience.  Their work encompasses all stages of nature’s ebb and flow: fleeting displays of vitality, relics of death and decaying detritus are carefully preserved in glass reliquaries. Their mission is to create beautiful adornments from items that are usually too precious and too fragile to carry with you in a bag or pocket. These works are talismans as much as traditional jewelry and seamlessly combines natural specimens with beautiful design.